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Question 1469:Do it Gently

"X" included a reference to "Y" in the original radio version of "Z", in which he describes the main characters surveying the landscape of an alien planet, while their android companion, hums a song by "Y". This was cut out of the CD version. "X" also compared the various noises that the kakapo makes to "Y studio out-takes" in his nonfiction book on endangered species, "W"
X's official biography shares its name with a song by "Y". "X" was friends with "Y" guitarist "A". In fact once on  X's birthday, he was invited to make a guest appearance at Y's 28 October 1994 concert at Earls Court in London, playing guitar on two songs. "X" chose the name for Y's 1994 album, "B", by picking the words from the lyrics to one of its tracks. "A"  also performed at X's memorial service, and what would have been X's 60th birthday party.
Here is some more:
"X" was a friend of  the lead singer, pianist and songwriter of Procol Harum, Gary Brooker. "X" invited him to one of the many parties that he held at his house. On one such occasion, Brooker performed the full (4 verse) version of  A Whiter Shade of Pale  and also performed at X's memorial service.
"X" appeared on stage to perform In Held Twas in I at Redhill when the band's lyricist Keith Reid was not available. On several other occasions he introduced Procol Harum at their gigs.
"X" would listen to music while writing, and this would occasionally influence his work. On one occasion the title track from a Procol Harum album was playing and his thoughts were:

"Suddenly in the middle of the song there was this huge orchestral climax that came out of nowhere and did not seem to be about anything. I kept wondering what was this huge thing happening in the background? And I eventually thought ... it sounds as if there ought to be some sort of floorshow going on. Something huge and extraordinary, like, well, the end of the universe".

I only want X,Y.

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Douglas Adams
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