Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Question 534

X started in Sweden when Erik Wernquist created a character called 'The Annoying Thing'. In 2004, X was distributed as a mobile phone ringtone by Jamba! earning more than 14 million pounds worldwide. In 2005, X went to No.1 in UK singles charts. X products now include key-rings, lunch boxes, T-shirts, back packs, soft toys and even air freshners. Just id X. :)


Crazy Frog


Friday, February 19, 2010

Question 533





(Ok this was my first uncracked question totally vague one)
the connect is fictional newspapers by the name DAILY .....
1. (Bugle) Daily Bugle
2. (Planet) Daily Planet
3. (The Prophet )Daily Prophet


Question 532

"I'm very sad about X. Of course he was important and Y would never have fucking started without him because he was writing all the material. It couldn't have happened without him but on the other hand it couldn't have gone on with him. "Z" is not really about X—he's just a symbol for all the extremes of absence some people have to indulge in because it's the only way they can cope with how fucking sad it is, modern life, to withdraw completely. I found that terribly sad."

id X,Y & Z and also the person who said this.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Question 531



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Question 530

Identify him and his creation:

Marc Ewing, and his creation Red Hat.
Company founder Marc Ewing was given the Cornell lacrosse team capwhile at college by his grandfather. He lost it and Had to search for it desperately. The manual of the beta version of Red Hat.Linux had an appeal to readers to return his Red Hat if found by anyone!


Question 529

Id this army officer:

Elvis Presley.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Question 528

 The image 1 shows some incident. The image 2 shows the aftermath. Just id what happened, and where it happened.


Question 527

X was one of twelve children born to Michael Jerome Williams and Denise Oher. He attended eleven different schools during his first nine years as a student. After playing football his freshman year at a public high school in Memphis, X applied for admission to the private Briarcrest Christian School, at the instigation of acquaintance Tony Henderson, with whom he was temporarily living. The school's football coach submitted X's school application to the headmaster, who agreed to accept him if X could complete a home study program first. Despite not finishing the program, he was admitted when the headmaster realized that his requirement had removed X from the public education system.

X was living with several foster families and a football teammate at Briarcrest for twenty months before Y and Sean Tuohy, a couple with a daughter and son at Briarcrest, allowed Oher to live with them. The family began taking care of his needs after becoming familiar with his difficult childhood. They also connected him with a tutor, who worked with him for twenty hours a week.

X and Y shot to fame late last year. Why?


Question 526

X is the name of a class of compounds created from nitrocellulose and camphor. X is easily molded and shaped and is no longer widely used.

English photographer John Carbutt founded the Keystone Dry Plate Works in 1879 with the intention of producing gelatin dry plates. The X Manufacturing Company was contracted for this work by means of thinly slicing layers out of X blocks and then removing the slice marks with heated pressure plates. After this, the X strips were coated with a photosensitive gelatin emulsion. A 15 inch-wide sheet of Carbutt's film was used for the early Edison motion picture experiments on a cylinder drum Kinetograph. However, the produced by this means was still considered too stiff for the needs of motion picture photography.

By 1889, more flexible Xs were developed. This ability to produce photographic images on a flexible material (as opposed to a glass or metal plate) was a crucial step toward the advent of motion pictures.

What is X?


Question 525

name the song its significance & id the artist


Monday, February 15, 2010

Question 524

X lived by the motto - 'never, if possible, cover any road a second time'. Fifty years earlier than Marco Polo, X travelled, on horse, camel, foot and boat, through all manner of lands, including West Africa where he visited Timbuktu, Mali and Niger. X's interest was not only confined to geography. He vividly described the prevailing political, economic and social conditions, the position of women and religious matters. X was appointed Qadi (Chief judge) of Delhi, and spent the last twenty-three years of his life as Qadi of Fez. X's main reason to travel was to go on a Hajj, or the Pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca). But his traveling went on for about 29 years and he covered about 75,000 miles visiting the equivalent of 44 modern countries.

Just id X.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Question 523

Put funda.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Question 522

Identify.Connect. What's next?

Answer: The Comonwealth games in delhi. These are the logos of asian games and the fafro-asian games respectively.


Question 521

This sequence was created by Maurice Binder for the opening titles of the first ___X___film,_______, in 1962. Binder originally planned to employ a camera sighted down the ___Y___of a .38 calibre _Z__, but this caused some problems. Unable to stop down the lens of a standard camera enough to bring the entire ___ZY____ into focus, Binder created a pinhole camera to solve the problem and the___Y___ became crystal clear.

The ___X___ ____ZY____ sequence is the signature device that opens most of the ___X___ films. Shot from the point-of-view of a presumed assassin, it features _____________________ walking, turning and then shooting directly at camera, causing blood to run down the screen.

Id :- X,Y,Z & ZY


Question 520

Pele stopped the referee with a last second request to tie his shoelaces at the opening whistle of the 1970 wc finals match and then knelt down to give millions of television vieweres a close up of his X's! The bazilian was complying with the requests representative of 'X' Hans Hensingson to raise the companies profile after they gave him $120,000 to wear their boots. The clandestine advertising of the company was a huge triumph over hated cross-town rivals 'Y' in the early days of war for market supremacy in sports. Barbara Smit, a dutch author, thrugh her book " Drei Strifen gegen X", has tacked the remrkable rise of the two companies especially against a backdrop of a severe family rift. X?Y? What is this all about?

Answer: Puma (Rudolph dassler) & Adidias (Adi dassler)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Question 519

What has been blanked out? What does BRS stand for? Put fundae!

Answer: Actually the blanked part is Nike. 'BRS- Blue Ribbon Shoe Company' the original name of Nike!


Question 518

What is this ad about?


Question 517

Whats so specific about this bird? Try and name it if you can.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Question 516

Guess the logo:


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Question 515

First, I'd like to apologise to my mates for not having contributed to the blog for a long time. But here i am.
Neway. Take a look at this. What does lambda stand for in this equation?
(hint: einstein's 'biggest blunder')


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Question 514

Put funda: