Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Question 1345: Hey!

Identify this father-son pair.

Answer: Ramesh Krishnan and Ramanathan Krishnan


Monday, January 30, 2012

Question 1344: Enough tango for the cash

Initially, this place X was inhabited by a tribe, Ilvati, who were originally from the north western region of Italy. Thus it was called Ilva. Famous for its abundant mines and iron deposits, the Greeks referred to it as Aethalia, which literally meant fumes after fumes of the furnaces for metal production.

After a series of invasions and barbarian raids, it came into possession of Pisa and after changing hands among the Italians and Spaniards it finally fell into French hands in 1802. Since then, X is particularly famous as the place where Y lived temporarily. During Y's stay, he was responsible for economic and social reforms which led to a better standard of living.

The connection between X and Y is also the subject of a certain well known wordplay.

Identify X and Y.

Answer: X: Elba Y: Napoleon and the palindrome "Able was I ere I saw Elba".


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Question 1343: Top doesn't fit

X and Y is a certain fictional pair in a popular franchise which now includes video games, toys, manga, books among others. Their original names for X and Y in Japanese are derived from the guys in 1 while their English names are derived from the guys in 2. Identify X and Y.



Answer: Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan(Sawamura and Ebiwara in Japanese). The Japanese names are derived from the names of Japanese fighters Tadashi Sawamura and Hiroyuki Ebihara respectively, while the English names are derived from the names of martial artists Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Question 1342: Not always cruel

Identify the film and the actor. No half points.

Answer: Glenn Close playing a male role Albert Nobbs in the film of the same name.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Question 1341: Art...my foot

X was an East Germanic tribe that became part of the late Roman Empire in the 5th century. Renaissance and Early Modern writers often described this tribe as barbarians, as their actions included sacking and looting Rome. The name X is associated with the name of a Swedish province, as it is the original homeland of the X, before they migrated to the Roman empire.

The modern day usage of the term Y is derived from X, to describe any senseless destruction, particularly destroying artworks. The term was coined in 1794 by Henri Grégoire, a bishop, to describe the destruction of artwork in the aftermath of the French Revolution. The term was quickly adopted across Europe. This new use of the term popularized the pre-existing idea that the X tribe was a barbaric group with a taste for destruction.

 Identify X/Y. (It's pretty much the same word)
Answer: Vandalism named after the Vandals.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Question 1340: Bursting the bubble

Recent news... easy enough. Identify him and his creation.

Answer: Kim "Dotcom" Schmitz, founder of Megaupload.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Question 1339: Offended??

__X__ (a community) means 'foreigners' or 'hostile people' in the local Aka-Bea language.

One of the possible reason for this is X's roots. The ancestors of 'X' are thought to have been part of the first successful human migrations out of Africa hundreds of years ago. Also, 'X' are known to live isolated and secluded with minimal interactions with other communities for very long time. The experience of such a lengthy period of isolation almost completely lacking in external cultural influences is equaled by few other groups in the world, if at all.

Known to live in three specific groups, namely, 'Boiab', 'Thadong' & 'Tanmad', they lead an extremely primitive living. Men as well as women are known to go complete naked. The principal threat to X’s existence comes from encroachment onto their land, which was sparked by the building of a highway through their forest in the 1970s. Tourism is also a threat to them, with tour operators driving tourists along the road through the reserve every day in the hope of ‘spotting’ members of 'X'. 'X' were in news for similar reasons.

X? Funda?

Answer: The Jarawa tribe of the Andaman islands.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Question 1338: Still time to get even

In 2000, the Supreme Court of the American state X ruled that state legislation in 1906 had rejected the adoption of the state flag in 1894, so what was assumed be the official state flag was only so through convention and usage. The governor of the state appointed a commission which came up with a new design flag, and a state referendum to adopt the new flag was proposed to the people.

The old flag lost in a vote and the old flag was retained. What is so unique about the state flag of X, that among all the 50 states, it is the only one of its kind?

The proposed design which was defeated in 2001

Answer: ]The Flag of the State of Mississippi is the only United States state flag that incorporates the Battle Flag of the Confederacy.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Question 1337: Throwing the ball...NOT

A guest question after many days, this one is from Aditya Datar. Thanks! :)

Identify the person next to RK Laxman.

Send your guest questions to quizlexic@gmail.com with the answer and your name!

Answer: Raj Thackeray


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Question 1336: Take a look, before you die

X is a leading developer of wireless web access products and services. It has developed and offers a series of wireless web access devices and the related web delivery platform. It was first founded in Montreal in 2001 by 2 Punjabi brothers. In 2011, X became widely known for its most prestigious venture Y in association with certain government institutions of a country.

By January 3, 2012 1.4 million online orders for the Y have been received. This has ensured X to become a half-a-billion-dollar company from being a $10-million company in just 12 months.

Identify X and Y.

Answer: X: Datawind Y: The Aakash tablet.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Question 1335: Well, I am!

Still from a popular TV show being aired on BBC One. Well, it's a cell-phone asking for an unlocking-password.

As it turns out, the said password is so much in sync with the show and it's characterization. Interestingly, it has also become a craze on the Internet for it's clever play of words and the teasing pun played at the viewers.

Which TV Series? What's the 4 character password? Funda?

Answer: *SPOILER ALERT* The TV series is Sherlock(This is from the episode 1 of season 2). The 4 character password is SHER, thus reading the entire sentence as I am Sherlock-ed.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Question 1334: Signature

 Give Funda :

Answer: The Special Effects team tried to make their mark and wanted "SFX" to appear in that particular scene from Lion King. This has been misinterpreted in many different ways because it ended up looking like "SEX".


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Question 1333

 Put funda:

X-Men - hotdog stand vendor
Spider-Man - saves a little girl
Spider-Man 2 - saves an innocent stranger
Fantastic Four - mailman
X-Men: The Last Stand - Jean Grey's neighbour
Spider-Man 3 - reading a news flash about Spider-Man
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - himself
Iron Man - person Tony Stark mistakenly identifies as Hugh Hefner
The Incredible Hulk - person who dies after drinking soft drink contaminated by Bruce Banner's blood

Answer: Cameos by Stan Lee in movies based on Marvel comics.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Question 1332: Forever.......?

'X' is a West African city which previously served as a slave market. It was settled by 400 formerly enslaved black Britons as the 'Province of Freedom' in 1791. The name 'X', though, hardly reflected the turmoil and bloodshed pertaining in the nation in the 1990's.

The turmoil is speculated to be supported and funded by it's neighbor 'Y'. Incidentally, 'X' & 'Y' are named in a similar sense. Certain elements in 'Y' are supposed to have provided weapons and training to the rebels in exchange of diamonds.
Large atrocities followed with civilians being at the core of it. The term _______ _______ was coined reflecting nature of the pertaining conflict.

The backdrop was captured by a 2006 political thriller film also named _______ _______. The 2008 video game 'Z' also portrays an African nation at war using diamond as currency.

X? Y? Z? What am I talking about?

X-Freetown (capital of Sierra Leone)
Z-Far Cry 2 (supposedly based on Sierra Leone)

X & Y get their names from the notion of freedom.

The bloodshed funded by the diamond trade gave rise to the term 'Blood Diamond' or 'Conflict Diamond'.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Question 1331 : You get high after this.

Sitter, identify.

1.Knowledge of Literature - Nil.

2.Knowledge of Philosophy - Nil.

3.Knowledge of Astronomy - Nil.

4.Knowledge of Politics - Feeble.

5.Knowledge of Botany - Variable. Well up in belladonna, opium and poison generally. Knows nothing of practice gardening.

6.Knowledge of Geology - Practical, but limited. Ability to differentiate between different soils.

7.Knowledge of Chemistry - Profound.

8.Knowledge of Anatomy - Accurate, but unsystematic.

9.Knowledge of Sensational Contemporary Literature - Immense.

10. Plays the violin well.

11.Expert boxer.

12. Has good knowledge of law.

P.S I would just like to emphasize that, yes, Rohan Danait is indeed an ungrateful prick.

Answer: Sherlock Holmes.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Question 1330: What happened to shouting?

Prior to World War I, the doctrine regarding the weapon X was largely centered around the concept of 'reach'; that is, a soldier's theoretical ability, by use of an extremely long rifle and fixed X, to attack an enemy soldier without having to approach within reach of his opponent's blade. A combined length of rifle and X longer than that of the enemy infantryman's rifle and attached X, like the infantryman's pike of bygone days, was thought to impart a definite tactical advantage on the battlefield, and military authorities engaged in endless discussions over the supposed advantages of longer rifle/X combinations.

It's name supposedly originates from the town of Bayonne in South Western France where they were first made.

Identify X.

P.S. You might have noticed the absence of the Shoutmix chat in the sidebar for a few days. ShoutMix has shut down it's free service and we are unwilling to pay money for it(yes, we are ungrateful pricks). So we are now using Chatango, another chat service which is quite similar to the earlier Shoutmix.

Answer: Bayonet.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Question 1329: He was here too

According to a Abrahamic legend, A used X to reach his destination Y where he stood repentant on one foot for 1,000 years, leaving a large hollow mark resembling a footprint. X and Y both are named after A.

According to Hindu mythology, X has an alternate name which  is attributed to 1.
According to Buddhist mythology, Y also has an alternate name which is attributed to 2 and the hollow mark is believed to be 2's footprint.



The footprint mark located at Y

Identify X and Y.
Pseudo-bonus points for 1,2 and A.

Answer: X: Adam's Bridge/Ram Setu Y: Adam's Peak/Sri Pada
1: Ram
2: Gautam Buddha
A: Adam


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Question 1328: No highway option

India's first aqueduct was constructed over the Solani river, near Roorkee, part of the Ganges canal project, which itself was India's first irrigation work in North India, started by the British in 1845. The Ganges Canal also led to another first.

The Solani viaduct had 15 arches and spanned the 4km-wide Solani valley (about 14 km north-east of New Delhi). Earth for the approach embankments was transported from Piran Kaliyar, 10 km away from Roorkee. Standard gauge wagons were used for the purpose, built from parts brought over from England, and hauled by men and later horses along the 'sundry lines of rail at Dhunnowree, Peeran, Kulleear, Mahewar and Roorkee' (as stated in the Administration Report 1851-52). The number of wagons in use needed to be tripled leading to the introduction of ___X___.

Assembled in Calcutta (todays 'Kolkata'), ___X___ obviously came from England, possibly second hand. It is described in a contemporary account as "a small but compact machine, with both driving mechanism and tender on one frame and to be able to transport 200 tons on the level at four miles per hour". The Bengal Sappers of the Indian Army operated it for the first time on 22/12/1851 for carrying earth to the duct.

X? What distinction does it hold?

Answer: Thommason- the first steam engine to haul any train in India. Arguably it was India's first train, running before the much-famed Bombay-Thane passenger train which ran in 1853. A prototype of Thomasson is on display at Roorkee Railway station.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Question 1327: Is this some kind of a joke?

The opening verse of this song has been connected with the lynching of the three black men in Duluth, Minnesota in 1920. The 3 men were employees of a travelling circus and had been accused of raping a white woman. On the night of June 15, 1920, they were removed from custody and hanged on the corner of First Street and Second Avenue East. Photos of the lynching were sold as postcards.

Duluth was the birthplace of the artist/singer who has written the song. At the time of the lynching, the singer’s father, Abram, was eight years old, and lived two blocks from the scene of the lynchings. Abram passed the story on to his son.

The postcard

Which song/artist?

Answer: Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row"


Friday, January 6, 2012

Question 1326: Follow Douglas Adams's advice

Hey guys!
A Happy new year to everyone!
Apparently, our hangover lasted longer than we had anticipated and hence the 5 day new year break :). We are resuming our normal posting schedule, from today.
Also, last 2 days to answer all the previous questions. All past questions will only be open till Sunday. 

So here's today's question:
Put funda/fill in the blank.

Answer: Blank: 2012 Funda: The "End of the world" conspiracy which says that the Mayans predicted the end of the world and hence their calendar ends on 21st December 2012.