Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Question 148

This is an English word usually meant to describe a person who is silly, foolish, stupid, and/or useless. The actual origins of the term are unknown, but some people speculate that it was coined by British playwright William Wycherley in 1676. Other people believe the word stems from the Latin phrase 'non compos mentis', i.e. 'not of sound mind.In 2007, a survey among 2000 Britons revealed that it was the nation's favourite word out of 16,500 entries in the Cambridge Dictionary. What word?

Answer:Nincompoop which is so often heard in Tintin comics.


Question 147

Answer:Stamp Act, Sugar Act and Tea Act imposed by UK on American colonies.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Question 146

What event?

Answer:The Round Table Conference


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Question 145

September 2001 saw the launch of this company in India. Their first product category was the mouse.By now, this company has presence in over 15 such categories.Their motto is– “Your eyeball view. Our technology new”. In India,their company's is located at Mumbai.Connect this company with the duo in the photo below.

Answer:The company is iBall. The pic is of Jobs and Wozniac.Connect is that Apple have launched a new product called iBall.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Question 144

Rafael Nadal got this trophy for winning which match and against whom?

Answer:vs. Roger Federer on a dual turf .1 side grass and 1-side clay


Question 143

Connect :

1) Rafael Nadal's victories

2) Spain's Davis Cup victory

3) Carlos Sastre of Spain winning the tour

4) Spain's Euro 08 victory

5) Sergio Garcia winning the Player's Championships

Connect:Spain's triumphs in sports


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Question 142

This covered appeared on the Time magazine on what date?What does it signify?

Answer:Time's cover on 15th August 1947 denoting the partition of India.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Question 141

Gustavo Kuerten(Brazil),who won the French Open thrice received a trophy when he played his last match at Roland Garros last year.What does the trophy signify?

Answer: The trophy depicts the ground layers of a clay court. Rafael Nadal too got a similar trophy.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Question Set 137 to 140


1)This French food is a buttery flaky pastry, named for its distinctive crescent shape. It is also sometimes called a crescent or crescent roll:
"On a small table at her side a tray had been left, with the remains of dejeuner; a jug stained brown with streaks of coffee; a crumbled crescent roll..."
Crescent-shaped breads have been made since the Middle Ages, and crescent-shaped cakes (imitating the often-worshiped Moon) possibly since classical times:
Hebrew women, in the time of Jeremiah, made in honor of the pagan goddess Astarte(queen of heaven, queen of the moon) cakes in the form of a crescent. What?

2)It was first published by Sarah Josepha Hale on May 24, 1830, and was inspired by an actual incident of Mary Sawyer (later Mrs. Mary Tyler) Mary recalled:
"Visiting school that morning was a young man by the name of John Roulstone, a nephew of the Reverend Lemuel Capen, who was then settled in Sterling. It was the custom then for students to prepare for college with ministers, and for this purpose Mr. Roulstone was studying with his uncle. The young man was very much pleased with the incident of the ____; and the next day he rode across the fields on horseback to the little old schoolhouse and handed me a slip of paper which had written upon it the three original _______ of the ____..."
There are two competing theories on its origin. One holds that Roulstone wrote the first four lines and that the final twelve lines, more moralistic and much less childlike than the first, were composed by Sarah Josepha Hale; the other is that Hale was responsible for the entire thing.What?

3)The word X derives historically from "gum benjamin", an aromatic resin known to European pharmacists and perfumers since the 15th century as a product of southeast Asia. It is itself a corruption of the Arabic expression "luban jawi," or "frankincense of Java." An acidic material was derived from it by sublimation, and named.What is X?

4)This phrase is a placeholder for multiple unspecified people; it plays the same role for one unspecified person. The phrase most commonly occurs as "every ___, ____ and _____", meaning everyone, and "any ___, ____ or ______", meaning anyone. The masculine names in these phrase do not in themselves imply exclusion of females, but use of either version when the context implies necessarily being female − for example, "Your mother could be any ____ ____ or _____" − would normally be seen as careless or ironic.Which phrase?

That's all folks!

1)Croissant which is the French word for Crescent.
2)The nursery rhyme "Mary had A Little Lamb.."
4)Tom,Dick and Harry