Monday, August 25, 2008

Question Set 69 to 80


1)In 1823,a Scootish chemist-Charles X discovered a way to dissolve rubber with a chemical called naphta.He sandwiched this rubber between 2 pieces of cloth to make waterproof material which was then used to make raincoats which are called as X.What is X?

2)William X and Arthur Y started their company XY when they built a motorized bicycle in their garage.Nut unfortunately,the bicycle could not climb slopes and both of them started fixing higher capacity engines to the bicycles.Which company i.e. XY?

3)Complete the list:
b)Sun City(South Africa)
c)Genting Highlands(Malaysia)
(Hint:Think entertainment)

4)Henry Didon,a habitant of the Dominica Island used these words while teaching his disciples to excel in different games.But,it was Cubertin(Didon's friend) who particularly got influenced and used these words in his worldwide,one of the most prestigious ventures.Which words(of Latin origin)?

5)When this organisation was found in paris in May 1904,it had 5 founder members:France,Belgium,Denmark,Netherlands and Spain each represented by a subordinate
organisation in the respective country.Today,this organisation has 208 members.Which organisation?

6)Fill in the blanks:
______ is hot,__________ is cold.
____ is crowded,______ is old.
There's an _______ down South & one up North too,
And _________ has the kangaroo.

7)Accoding to Greek mythology,Arachne(lady) was a skillful artist.She insulted the Greek goddess Athena.Athena turned her into a X.This myth explains why a X is also a skillful artist.
What is X?

8)What do these films have in common:
Ben Hur(1959),Titanic(1997),Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King(2003)

9)Dr. Douglas Engelbart is credited with the invention of the "X-Y co-ordinator" in computers.How do we know it beter?

10)This vehicle was invented by Christopher Cockerell.To test it,his first model was made up of a tin can,a coffee tin and a hair dryer.Which vehicle?
(Hint:Concentrate on the apparatus of the model)

11)This person was born in 1905 as "X-singh">He joined the army.Due to his duties,he rarely could get time to practise.So,when the regiment slept at night,he pursued his hobby on the field in the moonlight.Due to this practice,he became X-Y from X Singh.He is one of the most prominent sportsmen of India.Who?

12)A SITTER:Who is the only American citizen to be offered the post of Head of A State of another country?

1)Mackintosh rubber
2)Harley Davidson
3)Bangkok(IIFA Awards venues)
6)Poem to remember the 7 continents:Africa,Antarctica,Asia,Europe,America and Australia
8)Most Oscars(11)
9)Computer Mouse
11)Dhyan Chand('Chand' in Hindi means moon)
12)Albert Einstein( was offered the Presidentship of Israel as he was a Jew)