Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Question 906: THanks a lot!

Which book that was later adapted into one of the greatest movies of all time?

Answer: Forrest Gump


Monday, November 29, 2010

Question 905

Google doodle for?

Answer: Andy Warhol


Question 904

'X' (primarily found in north-eastern India) holds the Guinness world Record of being the hottest! It is called different names in different regions.
An article in the Asian Age newspaper stated that experts in Assam are worried about a distortion of it's colloquial nomenclature of "Bhot" to "bhut"(or "Bhoot"), saying that this word was misinterpreted by the (Western) media, giving 'X' it's moodern name. The article stated that people living north of the Brahmaputra River call it "Bhot _____", "Bhot" meaning "of Bhotiya origin", or something that has come from the hills of adjoining Bhutan. A 2009 paper, published in the Asian Agri-History journal, gives the alternate common name as "bih _____" (bih means "poison" in Assamese, denoting the it's heat). The Assamese word "______" simply means pepper. (all blanks same) To talk of facts, on the Scoville scale 'X' is about 500 times ahead than it's nearest competitor.
It's very rare uses include the plans of using it as a weapon against terrorists!
Answer: Bhoot Jholakia, the hottest chili in the world.


Question 903: 'Punch'ing their way past

Question contributed by Tejas Gokhale :
The following people are known to hold a rare record. The list just got it's new entrant a few days back! Easy? Well just put funda!

Answer: Quoting Pritfloyd, "Dimitar Ivanov Berbatov became the fourth player to score five times in a Premier League match, emulating the feats of Andy Cole, Alan Shearer and jermain defoe".


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Question 902

Film franchise A includes 4 directors, while film franchise B includes 3 directors. The film franchise C has 3 directors too(but 2 of them form a team). Identify A, B, and C and what is the relation between them. And if you want to show off, name all the people.


Answer: A: Aliens B: Predator C: Alien vs. Predator


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Question 901: Men of those Years

Question from the Quizlexic logo designer, Amogh Kinikar:

The Babylonians were expert Astronomers. Of the many things that we owe to them, this system is used to measure a physical quantity worldwide. It remains the most used system even though its base is not standard. The system traces its roots to Babylonian mathematics, which is to the base 60. Identify the physical quantity which the system measures.

Answer: Time. The units of time 60s to a minute, 60 min to an hour are based on the Number system of Babylonians, which was to the base 60.


Question 900: Really puzzling

A X is a tool used for cutting arbitrary curves, such as stenciled designs or other custom shapes. It can be used in a more artistic fashion than other such similar tools, which typically cut in straight lines only. In this way, it is similar to the rasp and the chisel. Although a X can be used to cut arbitrary patterns, making a straight cut freehand is difficult even with a guide. Identify X.

Answer: Jigsaw


Friday, November 26, 2010

Question 899

This is a card in most traditional Tarot decks. It is used in game playing as well as in divination. What iconic image did it inspire?

Answer: The Hermit depicted on the Led Zeppelin IV album by Led Zeppelin, more popularly on the sleeve of Stairway to Heaven.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Question 898: His Name Is Not Khan

X is an Indian musical composer and teacher from the village of Majorda(in Goa, India) who, during the mid-1950s, attempted to merge the symphonies of his Goan heritage with the Hindustani melodies and rhythms in films of the day.

He taught R.D. Burman and Pyarelal Sharma(of Laxmikant-Pyarelal fame) and has worked with most of the legendary composers of the 1950s and 1960s.

How was X immortalized in Bollywood by his student Pyarelal Sharma in the year 1977?

Answer: Anthony Gonzalves, who was immortalized in the Amar Akbar Anthony movie with the song "My Name Is Anthony Gonzalves" composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Question 897: Plastic Fantastic

X lays down the basic principles of plastic surgery by advocating a proper physiotherapy before the operation and describes various methods or different types of defects
(1) release of the skin for covering small defects
(2) rotation of the flaps to make up for the partial loss
(3) pedicle flaps for covering complete loss of skin from an area
He has mentioned various methods including sliding graft, rotation graft and pedicle graft. Nasal repair or rhinoplasty has been described in greater detail, which to this day has stood the test of time and is mentioned as the Indian method of rhinoplasty in the books of plastic surgery. Lastly, labioplasty too has received his attention. In short, all the principles of plastic surgery, accuracy, precision, economy, haemostasis and perfection find an important place in X's writings on this subject.

British physicians traveled to India to see rhinoplasty being performed by native methods. Reports on Indian rhinoplasty were published in the Gentleman's Magazine by 1794. Joseph Constantine Carpue spent 20 years in India studying local plastic surgery methods. Carpue was able to perform the first major rhinoplasty in the western world by 1815. Instruments described in X's writings were further modified in the Western World.

Identify X.
Answer: Sushruta Acharya


Question 896

Okay people, you get this hundreds of times everyday on your cellphone! All the blacked out parts are the same word which has recently become rather popular(not that it wasn't less popular before). Which word? (click to enlarge the image)

Answer: Rajnikanth


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Question 895

Question contributed by Soumya.

E.W. "X" Company is an American media conglomerate founded by Edward W. "X" in 1878. The company is headquartered inside the X Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Winners of the Y competition which is run by X: 1925 winner (first winner) - Frank Neuhauser

2010 winner - Anamika Veeramani

X logo
Identify X and Y.

Answer: X: Scripps Y: The SCRIPPS Spelling Bee Contest


Question 894: Forget Vuvuzelas!

The X is a wind instrument developed by Y people at least 1,500 years ago and is still in widespread usage today. It is sometimes described as a natural wooden trumpet or drone pipe. There are no reliable sources stating the X's exact age. Archaeological studies of rock art suggest that the Y people have been using it for at least 1,500 years, based on the dating of paintings on cave walls and shelters from this period. A modern X is usually cylindrical or conical, and can measure anywhere from 1 to 3 m (3 to 10 ft) long. Most are around 1.2 m (4 ft) long.

X is considered to be an onomatopoetic word of Western invention. The earliest occurrences of the word in print include a 1919 issue of Smith's Weekly where it was referred to as an "infernal didjerry". There are numerous names for this instrument among the Y people, with yirdaki one of the better known words in modern Western society.

Answer: X: Didgeridoo Y: Aborigines


Monday, November 22, 2010

Question 893: Laloo

X is a language spoken in parts of north-central and eastern India. It is spoken in the western part of state of Bihar, the northwestern part of Jharkhand, and the Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh. It is also spoken in Guyana, Suriname, Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago and Mauritius. A total of 150 million people in India speak it.

X cinema history begins in 1962. X cinema is also watched in many parts of the world, where Indianas have settled, including Brazil, Fiji, Guyana, Mauritius, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many colonizers faced labor shortages due to the abolition of slavery; thus, they imported many Indians, many from X-speaking regions. Today, some 200 million people in the West Indies, Oceania and South America speak X as a native or second language and they also watch the films.

Which language?
Answer: Bhojpuri


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Question 892: Sixpack vs Sexrex

What epic battle was fought here?

Answer: The Battle of 300 Spartans led by Leonidas vs the army of Xerxes at Thermopylae. If you are clueless, watch the movie 300.


Question 891


Answer: The different patronuses of characters in Harry Potter.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Question 890: Lost in it

X is a sculpture by Y in Paris. It depicts a man battling with a powerful internal struggle and is often used to represent philosophy. X was part of a monumental portal to act as the door of a museum. Y based his theme on A of poet B and entitled the portal Z. Each of the statues in the piece represented one of the main characters in the epic poem A. X was originally meant to depict B pondering his great poem.

It has been subject to endless satirical use. This started in Y's lifetime. During the first season of the 1960s American sitcom C, many episodes began and ended with the title character sitting on a park bench in the pose of X with a reproduction behind him.

Solve for X,Y,Z,A,B,C.

Still from the sitcom

Answer: X: The Thinker Y: Auguste Rodin Z: The Gates of Hell A: Divine Comedy B: Dante C: The Many Loves of Dobbie Gills


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Question 889: Wisemen

Simple enough, connect:

Answer: Movies without any songs


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Question 888: Shit!

Put funda.

Answer: It IS the Bristols Stools Chart


Question 887: Woman Power

X was originally named after a Biblical character. Her family and friends' inability to pronounce the name caused them to put the "P" before the "R" in every place else other than the birth certificate.

X was born to unmarried teenage parents due to a single sexual encounter and the couple broke up not long after. After her birth, her mother traveled north and she spent her first six years living in rural poverty with her grandmother, who was so poor that she often wore dresses made of potato sacks. She has stated that she was molested by her cousin, her uncle, and a family friend, starting when she was nine years old.

At 13, after suffering years of abuse, she ran away from home. When she was 14, she became pregnant, her son dying shortly after birth. Her frustrated mother sent her to live with her father who made her education a priority. She became an honors student, was voted Most Popular Girl, joined her high school speech team , placing second in the nation in dramatic interpretation. She won an oratory contest, which secured her a full scholarship where she studied communication. She also attracted the attention of a local black radio station which hired her to do the news part-time.

Working in local media, she was both the youngest news anchor and the first black female news anchor at her place. And as they say, the rest is history...

Whom are we talking about?

Answer: Oprah Winfrey


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Question 886: Judges and waiters

Question contributed by Rohit Sheth.

In all three sets, the connection between the LHS guy and RHS guy is the same. So identify the RHS guy in the 2nd set and put complete fundae.



Answer: Nelson Piquet Jr. The connection is that the RHS guy in all three cases gave way for the LHS guy in a race so that the LHS guy could go on and win the race; In all 3 cases, the RHS guy was a Brazilian (Rubens Barichello, Nelson Piquet Jr. and Felipe Massa) all were team orders and heavily criticized and since then team orders are banned. Nelson Piquet Jr intentionally crashed so that the safety car rule would be applied giving Alonso an advantage.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Question 885

Question from Rishi Raj again! He asks you to identify this guy and explain what he is doing in full details:

Answer: He's Jeremy Dunn, performing for motion capture for the game Call Of Duty: Black Ops, which released on the 9th November.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Question 884

X is an official part of the regalia worn by the Y, the successor of Z who was a fisherman by trade. It features a image of Z fishing from a boat. X is a signet used until 1842 to seal official documents signed by the Y.

A new X is cast in gold for each Y. Around the relief image is the reigning Y's name in raised lettering. X was used for sealing all private correspondence by pressing it into red sealing wax melted onto a folded piece of paper or envelope. Public documents, by contrast, were sealed by stamping a different seal onto lead which was attached to the document. That practice ended in 1842, when the wax with its guard of silk and the impression of the X was replaced by a stamp which affixed the same device in red ink. Through the centuries, X did not become known for its practical use but by its feudal symbolism.

Solve for X, Y and Z.

Answer: X: The Fisherman's Ring Y: The Pope Z: St. Peter


Question 883: In case I don't see you

X delusion is a controversial type of delusion in which patients believe their lives are reality television shows. The term was coined in 2008 by brothers Joel and Ian Gold, who are both psychiatrists, after the film X.

There have been over 40 recorded instances of people suffering from the X delusion. The Gold brothers are the foremost researchers on the subject. They have met since 2002 with over a dozen individuals, primarily white men between 25 and 34, suffering from the delusion. They have reported that one patient traveled to New York after 9/11 to make sure that the 2001 terrorist attacks were not a plot twist in his personal X, while another traveled to a downtown Manhttan Federal building to seek asylum from his show.

One of Gold's patients, an upper-middle class Army veteran who wanted to climb the Statue of Liberty in the belief that doing so would release him from the "show", described his condition this way:

I realized that I was and am the center, the focus of attention by millions and millions of people ... My family and everyone I knew were and are actors in a script, a charade whose entire purpose is to make me the focus of the world's attention.

The choice of the name "X Delusion" by the Golds was influenced by the fact that three of the five patients initially treated for the syndrome explicitly linked their perceived experiences to the film.

Which film/syndrome?
Answer: The Truman Show, for those of you who haven't watched it, you are missing something in life.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Question 882: Can't take it anymore!

'X' was very angry over a Gutka company because of their ads! Apparently he did not want companies from misusing his asset leading him to take some unusual steps.
'X' commented over it saying, "Work in this direction is in process. It has been under consideration for quite a while". He also added, "For someone who does not smoke or propagate smoking or any kind of intoxicant, by keeping away from endorsing such products, it is most disgusting to find someone conflagrating the law of the land and the law of ethics."
X? What am i talking about?
Answer: Amitabh Bachchan and his trademark baritone voice which he is going to copyright. @indian How can Gutka companies misuse Sania Mirza's "assets"?!


Question 881: Star and Slash

X was a Celtic god worshipped in ancient Gual and Britain. On the basis of his name's etymology, he has been widely interpreted to be a tribal protector. Today, he is best known through the catchphrase Y inveneted for the Z books by A & B, its authors. X was one of three Celtic gods mentioned by the Roman poet Lucan in the 1st century AD, the other two being Esus and Taranis. According to later commentators, victims sacrificed to X were killed by being plunged headfirst into a vat filled with an unspecified liquid. A asteroid has also been named after X.
Solve for A, B, X, Y and Z.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Question 880

X joined the band Y as its drummer in 1991. During tours, he took a guitar with him and wrote songs which he held back these songs from the rest of the band. He later said in 1997, "I was in awe of frontman Z's songs, and intimidated. I thought it was best that I keep my songs to myself." After Y disbanded in 1994, X declined many offers he received to work with various artists and instead recorded twelve of the forty songs he had written.

X hoped to keep his anonymity and release the recordings in a limited run under the title W, taken from the WWII term used to refer to UFOs. However, the demo tape circulated in the music industry, creating interest among record labels. X thus formed the band W to support the album.

The term W was used by Allied aircraft pilots in WWII to describe UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies. Formally reported from November 1944 onwards, witnesses often assumed that W were secret weapons employed by the enemy, but they remained unidentified post-war and were reported by both Allied and Axis forces.

Solve for W, X, Y and Z.

Answer: X: Dave Grohl Y: Nirvana Z: Kurt Cobain W: Foo Fighters


Question 879

Today's question is contributed by Harish Krishna:

The first to be instructed was the sun-god, Vivasvan, and Vivasvan instructed it to Manu, the father of mankind, and Manu in turn instructed it to Iksvaku.
This supreme science was thus received through the chain of disciplic succession, and the saintly kings understood it in that way. But in course of time the succession was broken, and therefore the science as it is appeared to be lost and thus had to be re-instructed by X, but this time X chose Y as X's disciple because Y was both a devotee and a friend.
Solve for X,Y and what is the supreme science?

Answer: X: Krishna Y: Arjuna and the supreme science is the Bhagwad Gita


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Question 878

Which book is divided into the following parts? Who is the author?
1 Concerning Discipline
2 The Duties of Government Superintendents
3 Concerning Law
4 The Removal of Thorns
5 The Conduct of Courtiers
6 The Source of Sovereign States
7 The End of the Six-Fold Policy
8 Concerning Vices and Calamities
9 The Work of an Invader
10 Relating to War
11 The Conduct of Corporations
12 Concerning a Powerful Enemy
13 Strategic Means to Capture a Fortress
14 Secret Means
15 The Plan of a Treatise
Answer: Chanakya a.k.a. Kautilya's treatise "Arthashastra".


Question 877: a knight A Pope interred

On which road sign would you find so intricate works of graffiti?

Answer: Abbey Road, City of Westminster.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Question 876: He Costs 5 crore!

Id this one of his kind man.
(The hint is, that this one shouldn't be too tough if you keep a track of Indian reality shows)

Emilio Palma, The first person to be born in Antarctica


Question 875: Swordfisher

X and his son Y are regarded as pioneers in the use of solid fuel rocket technology or missiles for military use. A military tactic they developed was the use of mass attacks with rocket brigades on infantry formations. It was only after Y's death that the technology eventually reached Europe.

The rocket men were trained to launch their rockets at an angle calculated from the diameter of the cylinder and the distance to the target. In addition, wheeled rocket launchers capable of launching five to ten rockets almost simultaneously were used in war. Rockets could be of various sizes, but usually consisted of a tube of soft hammered iron closed at one end and strapped to a shaft of bamboo. The iron tube acted as a combustion chamber and contained well packed black powder propellant. A rocket carrying about one pound of powder could travel almost 1,000 yards. In contrast, rockets in Europe, not being iron cased, could not take large chamber pressures and as a consequence, were not capable of reaching distances anywhere near as great.

Which father-son duo?

Answer: X and Y are Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan resp.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Question 874

Question by Soumya:
Connect to a place:

If YOU want to contribute questions to Quizlexic, mail them along with your good name to quizlexic@gmail.com !

Answer: The connect is Gharapuri. The map is of the island Gharapuri, where the Elephanta Caves are situated. The film Outsourced is based in Gharapuri.


Question 873

Just identify the logo:

Answer: The Lavasa Hill City, near Pune, which is the first planned hill city post-independence.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Question 872: Inception?

Who IS this man? Put complete fundae.

Answer: This is the sketch of a person's face who comes in a lot of people's dreams around the world, and gives them advice on their lives. For its history and other trivia, check out the official website http://www.thisman.org


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Question 871

Yaadein is a film directed and produced by Sunil Dutt also starring himself. This is film of the rare films by actor Sunil Dutt in his directorial debut, where he shows his talent as an actor as well as a director. This film is about a man who comes home to find that his wife and son are not at home, he assumes that they have left him and reminiscences his life with them, and scared of his life without them, he regrets his past indiscretions. The suspense is only revealed in the end, as his wife and son had only gone out for a while. What's so unique about this film, that it also has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records?

Answer: Incredible as it may seem, Sunil Dutt is the one and only actor in the entire movie!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Question 870

Identify & explain this Pictogram:

Answer: The pictogram/symbol for Cricket at the recent 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou where cricket is making its debut.


Question 869: Connect

Which group are these part of? ( A prominent co-brand is missing here!)

Answer: The Times group


Question 868

An artist's impression of which ancient town?

Answer: Lothal.


Questoin 867

Logo of which international organisaton?

Answer: International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Queston 866

Happy Diwali to all fellow quizzers from all over India, and here is today's question:
Put complete funda as to the origins of this scientific formula.

Answer: In the early 70's when television advertising was unsophisticated and very much in its teenage years, the Parker Pen Company came out with one of the most discussed ads of its time. This simple ad showed a hand using a Parker Pen to write the above 'mathematical' formula on a piece of paper.

The ad generated a lot of talk among the scientific community as to what the formula would have meant. The result? Parker's letterbox was filled with queries from chemists, mathematicians and physicists all asking for the meaning of the formula, as they could not figure it out. The creators of this ad, however had the last laugh. The formula was actually a humorous representation for the recipe of a Martini: 3.5 shots of gin and half a shot of vermouth over 4 parts H2O3 (water cubed = ice), finished off with three stirs (the 3×360°)!!!