Friday, January 30, 2009

Question 232

tell me what the map tells

Answer:the ICC countries


Question 231

These medals are retroactively assigned by the International "x" Committee; at the time, winners were given gold & silver medals only.


Devon and Somerset Wanderers
Great Britain (GBR)


French Athletic Club Union
France (FRA)

Alright I want the event for which these medals were alloted to these teams.
Also I want "x" and the year.

These are the 1904 Olympics featuring the only cricket match in olympiad.


Question 230

Answer: the earlier character sketch of Capt. Jack Sparrow


Question 229

Who is the person above who created a revolution in the cricketing world? The 1 pic. is a clue.
Kerry Packer and Channel 9.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Question 228


1)The word "X" means citizen of the lowest class. In ancient Rome, property less people, exempted from taxes and military service, who served the state only by having children were called "X" & it originates from"offspring, progeny". "X" was first recorded in1853, from French.

2)The2 pictures given below:

Answer:the word is "proletariat" coined by Karl Marx and group B gives you the term Hammer and Sickle" i.e. the logo of the communist party.So connect is communism or Karl marx.


Question 227

This is a song from a hit Broadway musical:

I'm a X Dandy,
A X , do or die;
A real live nephew of my Y's,
Born on the Z.
I've got a X sweetheart,
She's my X joy.
X came to London, just to ride the ponies;
I am the X Boy.

What is X(a slang),Y(a person) and Z(a date)?

Answer in full detail:
X: Yankee Doodle
Y : Uncle Sam
Z : Fourth of July


Question 226

Here is a really tough multiple connect:

Group A:

1)The person who has been assassinated.

2)The successor of the person in the above picture:

3)Cristiano Ronaldo's or Robbie Keane's jersey number.
4)Anderson's or Steven Gerrard's jersey number.
5)Dimitar Berbatov's or Fernando Torres's jersey number.
Group B

1)X means a condition of being a specified person or thing OR individuality, personality.
2)Y means a final statement of terms, the rejection of which could cause hostility.
3)Z means a condition of having the highest power of authority.
Connect elements in group A.
Connect elements in group B.
Then connect the two groups.
Group A:
1)Julius - July
2)Augustus - August
3) 7 - September
4) 8 - October
5) 9 - November
Jason is formed from the first letters of above months.

Group B:

Connect is Jason Bourne .No one got the overall connect although bourne and the months were cracked by everyone.


Question 225

What is this list for?

Arsenal - Jose Antonio Reyes
Aston Villa - Ashley Young
Blackburn Rovers - Andrew Cole
Bolton - Johann Elmander
Chelsea - Andriy Shevchenko
Everton - Marouane Fellaini
Fulham - Steve Marlet
Hull City - Anthony Gardner
Liverpool - Fernando Torres
Manchester City - Robinho
Manchester United - Dimitar Berbatov
Middlesbrough - Afonso Alves
Newcastle United - Michael Owen
Portsmouth - Peter Crouch
Stoke - Dave Kitson
Sunderland - Craig Gordon
Tottenham Hotspur - Luke Modric
West Bromwich Albion - Borja Valero
West Ham - Craig Bellamy
Wigan - Emile Heskey

The most expensive signings of the respective clubs in EPL.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Question 224

These stamps were released in 2008,to commemorate what occasions?

The Brahmos missile and Sam Maneckshaw.


Question Set 217 to 223

As India celebrates her Republic Day,I thought of cooking up some questions on India. Here they are:

1)Who is the little girl sitting beside Mahatma Gandhi?

2)Who is he?What is the book's name?What is its claim to fame?

3)Whose mascot?What is his name?

4)Who are these child actors?

5)Why did he becom famous?(No need to give the name)

6)Which company?

7)Which car?State its significance.
Try to get all of them right.
1)Indira Gandhi
2)Vikas Swarup and his novel 'Q and A' which was adapted into Slumdog Millionaire
3)Bholu : mascot of Indian railway
4)Shahid Kapur and Ayesha Takia
5)Habib Mian(name not imp.) oldest man. died in 2008.Famous for his 2005 Mecca trip.
7)Bajaj Lite competition to Nano(Tata)


Friday, January 23, 2009

Question 216

The bombardment of the given place led to the composition of a poem in 1814. This poem was set to a different tune is now famous. Which song? The lyrics of the poem are given above.

Answers:The Star Spangled Banner


Question 215

What are these 4 Favorites(Americans) doing to the other bad guys ?? Identify them(bad guys)
{there are 3 bad guys}

Mussolini,Hitler and Franco.


Question 214

Well a famous add for which product? I want "x"



Question 213

Connect the following pairs: (There is correlation between all these pairs)





Voice overs for the characters in Incredibels.Hindi and English version.

Full details:


Question 212


Sasha and Malia:Obama's daughters


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Question 211

SoundJam MP, developed by Jeff Robin and Bill Kincaid and released by Casady & Greene became the basis for X when a major computing firm purchased it in 2000. that company added a new user interface and the ability to burn CDs, and removed its recording feature and Skin support, and released it as X in January 2001. What is X?

Answer: iTunes


Question 210

This person was voted the most influential person on British culture in 2004. He beat J.K. Rowling , Golden Globe winner Gervais , Film Star Ewan McGregor and fashion designer John Galliano for the gold. Who is he or for what did he became so 'influential'?

Answer:iPod designer Jonathan Ives


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Question 209

This woman replaced the man for a high post.
Identify the man the woman and the company.

Answer:Carol bartz who replaced Jerry Wang as CEO of Yahoo


Question 208

This is an extract from whose memoir?
Bonus:What is the name of the book?

"We sat at a table with four other children and Miss Hefty, an energetic middle-aged woman, took attendance. When she read my full name, I heard titters across the room. Frederick leaned over to me. “I thought your name was Barry”.

“Would you prefer if we called you Barry?”Miss Hefty asked”X is such a beautiful name. Your grandfather tells me your father is from _____. I used to live in _____; you know…It is such a magnificent country. Do you know what tribe your father is from?”

Her question brought on more giggles, and I remained speechless for a moment. When I finally said “___” a sandy haired boy behind me repeated the word in a loud hoot, like the sound of a monkey. The children could no longer contain themselves, and it took a stern reprimand from Miss Hefty before the class would settle down…

I spend the rest of the day in a daze. A redheaded girl asked to touch my hair and seemed hurt when I refused. A ruddy-faced boy asked me if my father ate people…"

Answer:Barack Obama was not at all difficult.But contrary to most people's guess,it was not The Audacity of Hope, but Dreams from My Father.
For more:


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Question 207

Connect the following domestic cricket teams(order and the corresponding numbers are important)

  1. New South Wales (Australia) : 45
  2. Mumbai(India) : 38
  3. Yorkshire(England) : 30
  4. Gauteng (South africa) : 18

Answer:Record for most domestic cricket titles


Question 206

What is the part that is blanked out?(name the event)

Answer:Delhi marathon


Question 205

What does this picture from the 18 century signify?
Answer:Commodore Perry entering into Japan


Question 204

Who said about whom?
"X is an outstanding player. Even if the opposition need only 15 runs to win on the last day, X will go out and fight it out!"(clue: said to bid farewell to a legendary player)

Answer:M.S. Dhoni on Anil Kumble


Question 203

Mr Justice Rattee asked: "How can you talk about goodwill in connection with such a tasteless and obnoxious campaign? It may be you have been hoist by your own petard in using such an extraordinary advertising slogan."

Miss Mary Vitoria, representing _ _ _ _, replied: "Your lordship may find it offensive. I might find it offensive. But young people who buy clothes do not find it offensive, they find it amusing."

Identify the brand.



Monday, January 19, 2009

Question 202

Who is this is guy and what is he (or his works) famous for?
(Hint: There is a post on this blog related to his works)

Answer:Dennis Hwang who designs the google doodles.
Full details:


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Question 201

Connect the three footballers.The last picture is like a hint.

1)No better picture available but corner flag is enough clue.

2)No prizes for guessing this guy.

3)No prizes for guessing this guy either.

4)This is not actually part of the connect but football crazy fans may get a help from this.

Answer:Pele,Roger Milla,Oliver Kahn have all played with their clubs against Mohun Bagan in Kolkata.The last pic is the Mohun Bagan Villa in Kolkata.


Question 200

Who?Endorsing what?
Answer:Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Question 199

What is the connection between the lady in the first picture, the boy at the extreme left in the second picture and the dress?

Answer:Monica Lewensky, Bill Clinton


Question 198

What is that?

Answer:Silk Route


Question 197

This is image from a patent filed by a famous personality.
Identify the personality and what the patent was filed for.

Answer:Michael Jackson's Lean-on-Foot device


Question 196


Answer:Khalil Gibran


Question 195

This was the costume worn by this celebrity on Halloween last year to imitate whom?
Answer:Steve Irwin who died on being stung by a Sting ray


Question Set 193 to 194

1)Advertisement for which company?

2)Who? (I think this is the most ironic photo I have ever come across)


1)Levi Strauss

2)Mohandas Gandhi , a photograph from the Boer War