Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Question 333

The person above is currently wanted by Interpol for terrorism, murder, organized crime and conspiracy.In 1975, he carried out his first political murder against the mayor of Jaffna, Alfred Duraiappah, by shooting him at point blank range while he was about to enter the Hindu temple at Ponnaalaiwas and later went on to be the founder the organisation 'X'. The organisation 'X' considers the town of Killinochchi as it's headquarter. Who is this person and which organisation did he found?

Answer: Prabhakaran, founder of the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam(LTTE) .
Cracked by adi, ADITYA DATAR, Pushkar and Rohan.


Question 332

'X' is a tactical system in football with an emphasis on defence. In Italian 'X' means "door-bolt". Practically, it means a highly organized and effective backline defense which is intended to prevent goals.The system was made famous by Argentine trainer Helenio Herrera of Inter Milan in the 1960s who used it to grind out 1–0 wins over opponents in their league games. The key innovation of 'X' was the introduction of the role of libero or sweeper, a player positioned behind the line of three defenders. Real 'X' is no longer used in the modern football world. Nowadays, it is used mainly by weaker teams, in order to reduce any technical gap against stronger teams by showing a more physical approach to football. The picture above is a graphical representation of 'X'. What is 'X'?

Answer: 'Catenaccio' formation. Cracked by anush and Rohan.


Question 331

'X' Sports Pvt. Ltd. Is A Well Established Sports Company Situated in New Delhi, India Where 250 Skilled Workers Are Putting Up Their Best Efforts To Make The Company A Great Success. The Company's Yearly Turnover Is About 22 Crores. It is the Official Sponsor For the Sports-wear of India's Olympic Team As It Is Seen in The Picture of Abhinava Bindra. Below Given Is The Logo Of This Company Very Similar To So Many Other Brands in the Market. All I Want to Know From You Is The Name of this Company.
A Real Tough One If You Haven't Followed the Olympics Closely!


Question 330

Above are the autobiographies of two very diverse personalities. Who are they?

1)Dalai lama. Cracked by adi, ADITYA DATAR, Pushkar, VISAKA SIMHAN, anush and Rohan.
2)Phoolan Devi(The Bandit Queen). Cracked by Chithanan, Pushkar, VISAKA SIMHAN and Rohan.


Question 329

This picture shows the backside of 'X' which has been brought into use very recently. I want 'X'.

Answer: The new 10 Rupee coin released by the Indian government.
Cracked by ADITYA DATAR, Chithananda, Viasakha Simhan, anush and Rohan.


Question 328

The term 'X' comes from a small village in India, where a section of Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI(M) led by Charu Majumdar and Kanu Sanyal led a violent uprising in 1967, trying to develop a "revolutionary opposition" in opposition to the CPI(M) leadership. The insurrection started on May 25, 1967 in the village when a peasant was attacked by hired hands over a land dispute. Local peasants retaliated by attacking the local landlords and the violence escalated. Today 'X' has assumed serious stature in India leading to wide-spread problems. The above map signifies the rough extent of 'X'. The phrase " ____________ of X" is popularly used for the shaded region in the map. Tell me what's 'X' and if possible the phrase too.

Answer: Naxalites from Naxalbari. Cracked by Adi,Rohan and Chithananda.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Question 327

A very unique flag,this is not in any legal sense the official flag for X, but is the tricolour used to represent X,supposed to portray its 'future history'.It has also been approved by the X society.
The red bar,which lies closest to the mast,symbolises X as it is today.The green and the blue symbolize stages in the possible terraforming of X,should humanity ever have the ability and will to undertake such a task.
Kim stanley robinson's popular trilogy Red X ,Green X and Blue X provides the concept for the flag.
This is not the official flag for X since there is no government or authority to adopt such a flag.
X is the only of its kind to have been given a flag.
Whose flag?
Try not googling for the answer.

Answer:This is the flag given to planet MARS.Cracked by Chithananda and Vinay R M


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Question 326


Went uncracked. Connect is Paris.
1)Logo of BNP Paribas situated in Paris. BNP actually expands to National Bank of Paris.
2)Crest of Paris St. Germain
3)Poster of Helen of Troy. Helen of Troy was linked to Paris
4)Logo of Hilton hotels owned by Paris Hilton


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Question 325

Whose mascot ?

Answer: Hexley the Platypus, mascot of Darwin which is apple's new operating system.
Cracked by Pushkar


Question 324

A sitter:
Whose Autobiography?

Answer: Richard Branson
Cracked by Rohan and Ajay Parasuraman


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Question 323


Answer: Robert Langdon

1) John Langdon , the person who made the ambigrams for Angels and Demons.
2) Dan Brown as Mona Lisa.
3) Sherrif Woody , who was voiced by Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks plays the role of Landon.
4) Goddess Ganga on her vehicle , The Dolphin. Langdon was also called as Dolphin by his students.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Question 322

'X' is an all-terrain vehicle and Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) manufacturer, based in Solihull, West Midlands, England, now operated as part of the collaboratives business owned by a non-English company now.Land Rover is one of the longest surviving Four-wheel drive (4WD) brands, coming in close second to Jeep.The first 'X' car was designed in 1948 in the United Kingdom (on the island of Anglesey in Wales) by Maurice Wilks, chief designer at the British car company on his farm in Newborough, Anglesey. It is said that he was inspired by an American World War II Jeep that he used one summer at his holiday home in Wales. The first 'X' prototype 'centre steer' was built on a Jeep chassis. A distinctive feature is their bodies, constructed of a lightweight rustproof proprietary alloy of aluminium and magnesium called Birmabright. Though today this brand is not enjoying the glory it enjoyed in the past, there are plans to give it a renewed life. Which Brand?

Answer: Land Rover . Cracked by Adi and Mihir


Question 321

Habib Maritime, a subsidiary of the Habib Group of Pakistan, has unveiled the 'X' car, which is a four-seater, 170 cc car that can attain a top speed of 60 km per hour. It has been launched in the segment where the four-wheelers that will be known as City Carts. The authorities have given permission for the engine size to range from 170cc to 300 cc so the manufacturers may introduce further designs with bigger engines in time to come. Which is this car that has sparked new competition in the Indian and Pakistani motor companies? What is so special about it?

Answer: Sitara. Cracked by Alok


Question 320

The 'X' system is currently in use for the motor sport season for the very first time, and is under development for road vehicles.The concept of transferring the vehicle’s______ energy using Flywheel energy storage was postulated by physicist Richard Feynman in the 1950s and is exemplified in complex high end systems such as the Zytek, Flybri, Torotrak and Xtrac used in race cars. Xtrac and Flybrid are both licensees of Torotrak's technologies, which employ a small and sophisticated ancillary gearbox incorporating a continuously variable transmission (CVT). In 'X' the whole mechanism including the flywheel sits entirely in the vehicle’s hub (looking like a drum brake) and a differential replaces the CVT and transfers torque between the flywheel, drive wheel and road wheel.The first of these systems to be revealed was the Flybrid which appeared in an article in Racecar Engineering magazine.
Flybrid Systems' 'X' weighs 24 kg and has an energy capacity of 400 kJ after allowing for internal losses. A maximum power boost of 60 kW (81.6 PS) for 6.67 sec is available. The 240 mm diameter flywheel weighs 5.0 kg and revolves at up to 64,500 rpm. Maximum torque is 18 Nm. The system occupies a volume of 13 liters. There is a cloud of uncertainty surrounding the use of 'X' as all the teams are not prepared to use it .X?

Answer:The KERS or Kinetic Energy Recovery System. Cracked by Arjun


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Question 319

Id both.

Answer: Barack Obama and his newly acquired pet dog Bo in the White House.

Cracked by PADHY, Mihir and Adi.


Question 318


Answer:A tribute to the 96 Liverpool fans who got crushed to death in the FA Cup Semi final in 1989 known as the Hillsborough disaster.
Cracked by PADHY, Arjun and Adi.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Question 317

X are microscopic life-forms that reside within the cells of all living things and communicate with the Y. X compose a collective consciousness and intelligence, forming links between everything living and the Y. They are symbionts with all other living things; that is, without them, life could not exist. The ____ have learned how to listen to and coordinate the X. In order to be a ____ or a ____, one must have a high enough concentration of X one's cells.

The word "X" appears to be a fusion of "mitochondrion" and "chloroplast", two organelles found in real cells and thought to have evolved from bacteria as endosymbionts inside other cells, as purported in the endosymbiotic theory

What am I talking about?

Answer: Midichlorian. Went uncracked


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Question Set 312 to 316

These questions are open for a week until the 15th of this month:

1)Id this couple:


3)What movie?

4)Whose logo?


1)Paul and Linda McCartney
2)The Knight Bus in Harry Potter 3 movie
3)The Omen
4)Tiger Wood's logo TW
5)Las Vegas


Monday, April 6, 2009

Question 311

The X Corporation is a corporation that exists most significantly in the Y , where it appears most prominently in Z, which made X famous for outlandish and downright dangerous products . The inspiration for the name came as something of a parody on the name "X", which became a ubiquitous name in the 1950s for businesses in the United States.The word X means highest level, or top of the line, similar to apex.The company is never clearly defined but appears to be a conglomerate which produces everything and anything imaginable, no matter how elaborate or extravagant.

Answer: The Acme Corporation.
Cracked by Mihir and Anand Shankar


Friday, April 3, 2009

Question 310


Answer:The empty space in the grand gallery of the Louvre museum after the Mona Lisa was stolen.

Cracked by Adi, and an Anonymous user. No credits for Rohit for simply copying the answer.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Question 309



140 ,180 ,260 , 290

1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11

1000, 1001, 1500 , 1700, 2000, 2001

Connect the pictures to a particular object.
(The numbers correspond to the picture above them)

Answer: Shooting Star, Bluebottle, Comet( Halley), Cleansweep ,Goku's Nimbus cloud

Quidditch brooms with their corresponding versions.

Cracked by Johny Walker, Rohan and Adi.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Question 308

Answer: Pic 1:Lionel Messi in an commercial for Adidas narrating his growth hormone deficiency.

Pic 2: Tom Thumb and his wife who too, suffered from Growth hormone deficiency.

Cracked by Adi, Sanket "Bhillu" and an anonymous guy.

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