Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Question Set 95 to 105


1)Who?(recent news)
2)Connect the stadiums of these football clubs:

3)Who started this party/organisation?

4)This photo is before a pre-season friendly match between Liverpool and Villareal.These players(except the 3rd from left) have achieved something.What?

5)X was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to X Sr., a Kenyan of Nyang’oma Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya, and Ann Dunham, an American from Wichita, Kansas.His parents met while attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where his father was a foreign student. They separated when he was two years old and later divorced. X's father returned to Kenya and saw his son only once more before dying in an automobile accident. After her divorce, Dunham married Lolo Soetoro, and the family moved to Soetoro's home country of Indonesia in 1967, where X attended local schools in Jakarta until he was ten years old. He then returned to Honolulu to live with his maternal grandparents while attending Punahou School from the fifth grade in 1971 until his graduation from high school in 1979. X's mother returned to Hawaii in 1972 for several years and then back to Indonesia for her fieldwork. She died of cancer in 1995. As an adult X admitted that during high school he used marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol, which he described as his greatest moral failure.Who is X?

6)This act was done by X of the British cavalry, consisting of the 4th and 13th Light Dragoons, 17th Lancers, and the 8th and 11th Hussars, under the command of Major General the Earl of Cardigan. Together with the Heavy _______ comprising the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, the 5th Dragoon Guards, the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons and the Scots Greys, commanded by Major General James Yorke Scarlett, himself a past Commanding Officer of the 5th Dragoon Guards. These units were the main British cavalry force at the battle. Overall command of the cavalry resided with Lieutenant General the Earl of Lucan. Cardigan and Lucan were brothers-in-law who disliked each other intensely.What is X?

7)On a certain connection X commented, "This is not a documentary of my life. It is in fact the story of a team that becomes a winning lot from a bunch of ________.There is nothing called World Championships in international _______. It would be stupid to believe that Y would pump in Rs.450 million to make a documentary on me. So it's illogical that it is a documentation of my life."Who is X and what is Y?

8)X is a toiletry, a perfume in a style originated from X, Germany. In a base of dilute ethanol (70-90%),X contains a mixture of citrus oils including oils of lemon, orange, tangerine, bergamot, lime, grapefruit and neroli. It can also contain oils of lavender, rosemary, thyme, petitgrain(orange leaf), and jasmine.X was launched in X in 1709 by Giovanni Maria Farina(1685-1766), an Italian perfumer. In 1708, Farina wrote to his brother Jean Baptiste: "I have found a fragrance that reminds me of an Italian spring morning, of mountain daffodils and orange blossoms after the rain". What is X?

9)According to a myth arising later,X's mother had dipped the infant X in the river ____ and he became invulnerable where the waters touched him.X's mother was scared and fled out of fear. This possibly coincides with the story that she left X at a very young age.Who is X and what is the myth?

10)X was named "PSV co-player of the year" along with striker Mateja Kežman, with whom he formed an attacking partnership still fondly referred to by PSV fans as " Y And X", as Kezman was nicknamed 'Y'. He helped lead PSV to their 17th Dutch title, and won the Talented Player of the Year award. After this good start, PSV could not keep up with rival Ajax Amsterdam and were forced into a fight for second place in the Eredivisie. X travelled to London and met with Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson. Ferguson's offer came in much too low for PSV's and X's liking. Almost immediately, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich offered €18 million (£ 12.1 million), and PSV accepted. Rumour goes that X's dad wanted him to play for Manchester United but X wanted to play for Chelsea.On his dad's wish,he agreed to play for Manchester United.On the day before signing the contract,X's father died and X immediately signed for Chelsea.Who?


1)John McCain

2)These clubs have stadiums named after their sponsors.

3)Subhash Chandra Bose wiyh Adolf Hitler(Freies Indien in German means Free India

4)Spanish national teams players who won the Euro 2008

5)Barack Obama

6)Charge of the light brigade

7)Mir Ranjan Negi on whether Chak De India was his autobiography

8)Eau de Cologne


10)Arjen Robben


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Question Set 81 to 94

Questions.....after a really long break.....

1)Connect these three things to get a phrase:

2)Connect these four things to get a person:

3)Who?(a sitter)

4)Which fruit?(clue:look at the colour)

5)Name this not-so-famous movie(but a very famous name):

6)The name of this cow is, ____ ______ Cow.Fill in the blanks:

7)This is the skyline of which city?

8)Whose path?

9)Who is the person and what is the significance of this painting?(observe carefully)

10)Which very famous story?

11)Which book?

12)Who?(recent news)

13)This man is a substitute for whom in the 4th part of a particular movie series?
1) a.Life Bar
b.Statue of Liberty
c.Pursuit of Happyness
The connect was the American Declaration of Independence
2) a.Paul Robinson
b.Switzerland(Swiss Family Robinson)
c.Frejya(Who gives her name to Friday -Robinson Crusoe's companion)
d.Full name of the book 'Adventured of Robinson Crusoe')
The connect was Robinson Crusoe
3)Kofi Anan
5)Grand Theft Auto(it inspired tthe more popular game GTA)
6)Harry Potter Cow (on a broomstivk-spoof on nHarry Potter)
7)Gotham Tower in Batman Comics (check out for Wayne Tower in the skyline)
8)The Olympic Torch
9)St. Peter on the rock(Upon this rock I shall build my church)Site of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.He is holding the keys which found a place on Vatican City's flag.
10)The Tale of Three Brothers(from The Tales of Beedle the Bard-J.k. Rowling)
11)The Labours of Hercules(based on the 12 tasks of the greek hero whose statue is seen on the cover)
12)Sarah Palin doll
13)Substitute for Arnold Schwarznegger in terminator 4.