Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Question Set 131 to 136


1)Google Doodle for anniversary of what?

Answer:Anniversary of Linux. The penguin is Tex.

2)Who are the 2 people in the second box?

Answer: The Thompson twins from Tintin comics.

3)What? and Where?
Answer:The 1st meeting of Indian National Congress at Mumbai.

4)This is a laser project for restoration of what?
Answer:The Bamhyan Buddhas

5)This is a Government of India advertisement for which safety campaign?

Answer:Dont talk on the phone while driving because the network(Vodafone dog) cant follow you everywhere.

6)Which event?
Answer:Assassination of Julius Caesar

That's all folks


Question 130

Here's an interesting one for all the Hollywood buffs:

1)Actor in picture 1
2)Person X in picture 2 ( it's a film based on X )
3)________ in pic 3 (Name comes from the place where it was first found)
4)The dinosaur in pic 4
5)The Roman Emperor in pic 5
6)Mysterious Statues in pic 6
7)Age of Emperors Character in pic 7
8)Famous world leader in pic 8

Ben Stiller

Christopher Columbus
The Neanderthal Man



Maori statue on Easter island

Atilla the Hun

Theodore Roosevelte

Connect is the film The Night At The Museum
That's all folks


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Question Set 126 to 129


1)Whose caricature?

Joseph Stalin

2)Who are the people in the red box?

The Beatles

3)Google Doodle for what day?
Teacher's Day

4)Hand-drawn map of what?
Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry

That's all folks


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Question Set 121 to 125


1)Who is the circled person?
Diego Maradona

2)Who is the man with the broom?(Bonus points for guessing what he is trying to do)

Lenin cleaning the world of monarchy , nobility

3)Google Doodle for what event?
LHC experiment @ CERN, Geneva

4)What was the result of this certificate?
Liverpool FC changing name from Everton Athletic

5)What are the Roman soldiers doing?
Playing musical chairs.

That's all folks!