Thursday, June 26, 2008

Question Set 55 to 67

Questions:Very easy visuals

1)What?(the red line)

2)Where?(give the name of the specific building,not the city)

3)Which famous pair?

4)Whose dead body?




8)What event?


10)Which country's coat-of-arms?

11)What?(the highlighted part)



1)Mason Dixon line
2)Old Trafford(in memory of the Munich air disaster)
3)Hannah Barbara
4)Ernesto 'Che' Guevara
5)The holy stone 'Kabbah' at Mecca
6)Stuffed toys of Snowy
7)Crown of King Gyanendra who was recently dethroned in Nepal
8)Robert Clive at the battle of Plassey bribing officers of the Mwab of Bengal
9)Vladimir Putin
10)Mauritius(Dodo oon the left and'Maris' written below were the clues)
11)Ring of Fire
12)Path of the Knight on a Chess board
13)Sergei Bubka


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Question Set 46 to 54

Dedicated to the Legends

1. Winner of the Asian Tennis Championship at the age of 22, Honored by the UN Peace keeping department for outstanding service , A PhD holder from IIT in Social Sciences in 1993, Law Degree holder from Delhi University in 1988 - These are only some of the accolades on this person's Resume. This person was a Lecturer of Political Science before having an illustrious career in a different field. Identify this person who started the organizations 'Navjyoti' and 'India Vision Foundation' to support the poor and drug addicts and subsequently went on to receive the Magsaysay award.Who?

2. The condition to publish this short story of author X as a book was that, the book could be published only when the theatrical performance of the story was finished running in a theatre and not replayed for 6 months. Following that condition, the short story has not been published yet. The short story started as a radio broadcast program in honor of Queen Mary, wife of King George V. The original name of this short story:"The 3 blind mice “was disputed as not being original and hence the name was changed to Y. It was originally written as a birthday present for Queen Mary on her 80th Birthday. Identify this not-yet-published book Y, that has become world famous by its theatrical version! Who is X and HER book Y?

3. In 1938 Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett (founders of Hewlett & Packard) released their first product called a Resistance-Capacity Audio Oscillator which tests sound equipments. X was trying to make a big difference in his field using sound equipments. When he heard of this product he became the first customer of this product and he used it for his pet project. In the 1920s a lot of movies were silent and this person was trying to introduce sound into his movies as the next big thing. Although he was beaten in the race to introduce sound, he became one among the first to introduce sound in Y movies. Identify X & Y! (Clue: His company is named after him)

4. A was the person given the responsibility of building X where the Head of the Country would reside. To complement the place another monument Y at the end of the same road was to be built in commemoration of soldiers who died in WW I, such that both buildings could be seen from each other. A trusted the construction of the commemorative monument to his good friend B while he got involved in constructing X. Although X & Y were built fine and according to design, due to a severe miscommunication, the height of the road between them was not accounted for and the heights of the buildings X & Y were such that, one could not be seen from the other due to the crest in the road. A & B became foes. B is not so well known. Guess A, X and Y. (Clue: Chandigarh)

5. Robert Fitzroy was conscious of how unforgiving the sea was, extended periods of sea-voyage could disturb the sanest of minds. He knew what caused Captain Stokes & his uncle Viscount Castlereagh to commit suicide. So, for this next voyage, he approached Beautfort and asked him to find a suitable gentleman who would share his scientific tastes and provide him good companionship. Many of those who were first approached turned down Fitzroy’s offer and Fitzroy finally approved an eager X for the position. Who is X?

6. The first official color program of the United States was scheduled to be the Victory Parade of World-War II on a particular date. But a couple of days before the parade another incident happened and it was decided that the unprecedented / unique event should be the first color televised program. What was that incident that led to it being a well-deserved first color program?

7. If Doctor's take the Hippocrates's Oath, what oath do nurses take?

8.This picture depicts an incident that inspired the creation of something that is probably the fantasy of most children for a companion. What is the incident and what was the inspiration?

9. His public appearance was at the age of 10 as a trapeze artist and he called himself the "The Prince of Air". He performed card tricks and worked in a circus until he met his manager who asked him to concentrate on X [specifying X would be a give-away] which would become his forte. The "Milk Can”, the “Suspended Straight jacket" were some of his famous performances and many were performed across Europe and USA. A close friend of Arthur Conan Doyle once, they broke their friendship when he ridiculed "Spiritualism" which Arthur C. Doyle firmly believed in. Who was this dynamic person who was also a very well known Ghost-buster?

1)Kiran Bedi
2)Agatha Christie and her most famous play Mousetrap
3)Walt Disney and Y is animation
4)Edmund Luyten(architect of Chandigarh) and Rajpath Bhavan and India Gate,both in Delhi.
5)Charles Darwin
6)Death of John Logie Baird(inventor of Television)
7)Florence of Nightingale Oath
8)Theodore Roosevelt.On a hunting trip he refused to shoot a bear cub.A paper published this story and christened the bear cub as 'Teddy's (Theodore Roosevelt was affectionately callled Teddy) Bear' leading to the onvention of teddy Bear.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Question Set 33 to 45


a)A burger chain in U.S.A. (not so popular in India)
b)A plant source of oil also good for the skin
c)Death of Julius Caesar

2)The fact that this popular word is Arabic in descent is easily noticeable by the occurrence of an Arabic definite article in the word (equivalent of ‘the’ in English). The word itself derives from the Arabic word for a fine black powder, made from antimony, and used by women to darken their eyelids (‘Kajal’ in India). The Arabic word is also responsible for its English counterpart, called Kohl. Which word?

3) In early times, it was custom for the English Chancellor of the Exchequer to bring his papers to the House of Commons in a leather bag or portfolio. He placed the bag on the table and then at the opportune moment, he opened the bag to display his papers and initiate a process. The process itself took its name from the chancellor’s act of ‘opening the bag’. What process/word?

4) This English word owes its origins to a sinner in Greek Myth. This sinner was condemned to a life of eternal frustration. For his sins, he was made to stand in a pool of water up to his chin. But each time, he leaned over to drink, the water receded. He was standing amidst trees laden with ripe, delicious fruit. But again, each time he reached for the fruits, the winds blew the branches away from him. Forever, he remained deprived in a land of plenty. His name symbolized his unfortunate life and is now part of the English language, the word mostly used in its adjective & verb variants. Who or what word?

5) Most etymologists agree that this word is Dutch in origin. The most popular version suggests that the word is a altered version of ‘John Cheese’, which can be thought of as a parallel for John Bull or Uncle Sam, and was used for Dutch settled in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. This nickname came to the New World when the English applied it contemptuously to Dutch pirates. The New York Dutch applied the term with the same contempt to the residents of Connecticut. Which word?

6) This word, perhaps the only one to be voted into the English language, was adopted in 1910 by the ‘American Association for the study of the feeble-minded’. Its technical definition was ‘an adult with a mental age between 8 to 12’. The word was part of a classification system pioneered by Dr. Henry Goddard. The classification system was subsequently disbanded and with the word gaining popularity as an insult, the technical definition was also dropped. What word am I referring to?

7) What does S.O.S stand for? ‘Save our ship’? ‘Save our Souls’? Or maybe ‘Sink or Swim’? If your answer is any of these, you are wrong. And you are not alone : For instance, in 1912, in an enquiry into the sinking of the Titanic, the British Attorney General, during his reasoning session, explained CQD, the older signal, was used instead of SOS, which he then explained, meant ‘Save Our Souls’. SOS was selected just 6 years earlier, in 1906, at the Radio Telegraph Conference. What does SOS stand for?

8)This place was established by nomadic Tuareg tribes in the 10th century. It owes its name to an old Malian woman who lived in the region and was known for her honesty. Tuareg and other travelers would entrust this woman with any belongings for which they had no use on their return trip to the north. So, when a tuareg returned and was asked where he had left his belongings, he would reply "At _____" meaning the place where the woman lived.
The name has carried over for over a millennium now, which place?

9)When Zeus divided the world into 3 parts he gave Haedus the underworld , took the heaven for himself and gave Poseidon the seas and also one small portion on earth.Identify this portion of the earth which is indicated in the below pic by a circle.

10)In medieval India, when the Rajputs were fighting off Muslim invasion, Rani Karnawati, the widow of the King of Chittor, was in distress, as the Sultan of Gujarat (Bahadur Shah) launched an attack on Chittor. In order to save the city, she asked for help from Humayun and sent a “X” to him. Humayun, touched by the gesture, sent his troops to save Chittor. Time was short and they arrived late, and by then, Rani Karnawati and the women of Chittor had tragically commited Jauhar (mass suicide).What is "X"?
11)In Hinduism, this represents the 2 forms of Brahma. Facing right, it represents the evolution of the universe and facing left, it represents the involution. It is also said to represent the sun’s rays, without which there would be no life. In Buddism, it represents Dharma, universal harmony and balance of opposites. Jainism probably gives this the most prominence as it is considered one of the 24 auspicious marks and almost all ceremonies typically begin and end by creating this. What?
12)This food-item is said to be popularized by Mughal Empress Nur Jehan. As natural elements were used as cosmetics, Nur Jehan, during her experimentation, discovered that adding a few ingredients to this food-item gave a beautiful natural color to the lips of those eating it. How do we know the food-item today?
13)In 1905, Lala Hardayal, a freedom fighter, who eventually founded the Gadar party, was a student in Lahore's Government College and he invited his Literature Professor to preside over a function. The professor, instead of delivering a speech, sang a patriotic poem that he had originally penned for children in the Ghazal style of Urdu Poetry. The poem gained in popularity with every passing year and is now the official march of the Indian Armed Forces. Which poem?

1)Wimpy,Olive and Brutus:All characters in Popeye Cartoon Series

2)Alcohol(from Al-Kohl)

3)Budget(from the French word 'bougette' meaning little bag)

4)Tantalize(from Tantalus the sinner)

5)Yankee(from John Cheese)


7)Nothing in particular!It is used because it just easier to transmit than CQD!


9)Atlantis(this was the easiest of the lot)

11)The Swastika

12)Paan(the Betel leaf)

13)Saare Jahaan Se Acchha


Monday, June 2, 2008

Question Set 24 to 32


1)This is the concept for which fictional character?

2)Whose tourism ad offers the subtitle "Hindustan ka Dil Dekho"?

3)In a commercial for Bacardi Wines, X says "When I go out for a drink someone else does the driving." Who is X?

4)In Canada,under the "Would you like X" programme for prohibition of drunken driving,plain clothed policemen are appointed near drive-through windows of fast food chains.They stop suspicious cars and take necessary action.What is X?Clue:X is a something thought to be originated from France,but it is not.

5)Whose name if jumbled,forms the words: END IN A CAR SPIN?

6)What is the machine?

7)Who is this person?

8)Which football club?(portions blackened out)

9)Who is the only goalkeeper to win the FIFA Golden Ball Award?

1)Indiana Jones
2)Madhya Pradesh
3)Michael Schumacher
4)Fries(French Fries)
5)Princess Diana
6)The ball serving machine invented by Rene Lacoste(left)
7)Diego Maradona
8)Pune FC
9)Oliver Kahn(2002 FIFA World Cup)