Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Question 1222: False impression

Put funda...

Answer: This is the Tourist Guy, apparently posing for a photograph on one of the towers of the WTC moments before the plane hit the tower on 9/11(It can be seen in the background).This fake photo became an internet phenomenon for a while.It has been proved without any doubt using several facts that its a fake edited pic taken in 1997.


Question 1221: 13 years and counting ....

Well Google Doodle for what? What's it's significance? Put complete funda!

Answer: Well it is indeed the first google doodle for the burning man festival published on 30 Aug 1998. Google was incorporated as a private company on 4 Sept 1998. Hence 13 years of Google and the google doodles!!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Question 1220: Headbanging

Before reading and trying to solve this question, please note that it is pretty cryptic; and may lead you to a dead end or end up dead (with frustration).
Just to help you out; this question has an element within each element (QUIZCEPTION). So, if I were you, I would find each element; then proceed to the hidden element within each one.
*I am not responsible for any broken monitors or keyboards.
My apologies, but just one thing I need to mention. One element is like a turnaround element. When you identify that one, you will know what you are looking for.
X began its life as two companies: Lucky (or Lak Hui) Chemical Industrial (est. 1947), which made cosmetics and GoldStar (est. 1958), a radio manufacturing plant. Lucky Chemical became famous in Korea for creating the Lucky Cream, with a container bearing the image of the Hollywood starlet Deanna Durbin. GoldStar evolved from manufacturing only radios to making all sorts of electronics and household appliances.

Answer I will first identify level 1, then the turnaround element and then level 2, so that it makes as much sense as possible
C=Red Alert
D=Charlie Sheen
E=Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov

The turnaround element here being RED ALERT.
following this lead;

LG -> LG Optimus -> Optimus Prime
Honda -> Honda Jazz -> Jazz
Charlie Sheen -> Hotshots -> Hotshot
Rimsky Korsakov -> Flight of the Bumblebee -> Bumblebee

As you may have guessed, these are the robots in the transformers series.
My apologies if this question is too cryptic, will try to improve in future :)


Friday, August 26, 2011

Question 1219:

Reference to what? Answer: A scene from the film Bruce Almighty, where Bruce splits his soup referring to the Biblical event where Moses parted the red sea. Only saying that it's a scene from Bruce Almight won't fetch you any points.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Question 1218: A job on his hand

 Identify this super dude, and his recent claim to fame.

Answer: Tim Cook, the newly appointed CEO of Apple after Steve Jobs resigned from his post.


Question 1217: Everyone has a horse

Okay, here's a comparison between internet browsers and means of transport.

5 internet browsers...5 blanks. Here's the points system:
Get all 5 correct - 2 points
Get 4 correct - 1 point
Get 3 correct - 0.5 point
No points for getting 1 or 2 correct, as a couple of them are pretty simple.
Also, mind the numbering. Put the correct answer to each number. If you goof up, I dont give the points.

Answer: 1. Internet Explorer 2. Apple Safari 3. Opera 4. Mozilla Firefox 5. Google Chrome


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Question 1216

X is a major public town place in ____. The place was originally called Midan Ismaileyya after the 19th-century ruler Khedive Ismail, who commissioned the new downtown district's 'Paris on the Nile' design. At the centre of X is a large and busy traffic circle. On the north-east side is a plaza with a statue of nationalist hero Omar Makram, celebrated for his resistance against Napoleon I's invasion of the country, and beyond is the Omar Makram Mosque.
The place is the northern terminus of the historic Qasr al-Ayni Street, the western terminus of Talaat Harb Street, and via Qasr al-Nil Street crossing its southern portion it has direct access to the Qasr al-Nil Bridge crossing the nearby Nile River.
X, please.

Answer: Tahrir Square


Monday, August 22, 2011

Question 1215: Who is Sheena?

In many ways, X seem like a cursed band. During their 20-year career they never had a single chart higher than Number 66. They rarely played venues larger than clubs, and they mostly traveled around by van. Their lead singer battled obsessive compulsive disorder all of his life, while their bassist was a hopeless heroin addict. When they broke up in 1996 few people seemed to care –though within a few years their legend had begun to grow. Their music finally started to appear in movies and TV shows, and they got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and were awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Grammys. Sadly, 3 members of the band all died between 2001 and 2004. Identify the band. Answer: The Ramones, in my opinion, the greatest punk band in the world. And anyone who wants to retort with Green Day can KMA.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Question 1214: Nepots

Identify both and what connects them.

Answer: Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger, the former being the nephew of the latter. Also, both were witness to the eruption of the volcani Mt. Vesuvius on the island of Pompeii in Italy.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Question 1213: Mind the gap

Simply connect.

Answer: The Indian band Cassini's Division named after "Cassini Division" the gap in Saturn's rings which in turn are named after the scientist Cassini.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Question 1212: Eating your brains out...

Even though, X was not physically eligible, he was selected on grounds of emergency recruitment for the Indian Army. He started his career in the Indian Army as a driver in 1963. During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, while posted at the border in the Khem Karan sector, all of X's comrades were killed in a Pakistan offensive and he was the sole survivor of his convoy. X had a near death experience as one bullet had shot past his head. This led him to dwell on the purpose and meaning of life and death. He read Swami Vivekananda's "Call to the youth for nation building". He realized that saints sacrificed their own happiness for that of others, and that he needed to work towards reducing the sufferings of the poor. He started reading Vivekananda, Gandhi, and Vinoba Bhave. In the 1970s, he again survived a road accident while driving. It was at that particular moment that X took an oath to dedicate his life to the service of humanity. In 1975, he left the army as soon as he become eligible for receiving pension.

And as they say, the rest is history...

Identify X. Answer: Anna Hazare


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Question 1211: Thunder road

Photo of a road in Bhopal. What do the yellow lines signify??

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Answer: The Tropic of Cancer.


Question 1210: I Need Mine


B Established in 1986, its major customers include custom boutique PC manufacturers such as Alienware and Falcon Northwest. The chairman of the company is Yeh Pei-Cheng. B is considered a Tier 1 Z manufacturer (based on units sold) along with Micro-Star International (MSI), Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) and Asus. They shipped approximately 19 million Z in 2008 (16 million of them branded).

D 2.2 lbs of cocaine


Connect A to G and ID all the elements
P.S : The Connect is pretty easy, I want all the elements.

Answer: A= Hyundai Terracan (Terrabyte) B= Gigabyte Technology (Gigabyte)) C=Megaman (Megabyte) D=Kilo (Kilobyte) E=Cadbury Bytes (Byte, obviously) F=Birla Institue of Technology or BITS (Bit), Nibbles, Jerry's cousin (Nibbles).
The Connect, as all of you guessed correctly is that all are units of hard disk space, each being a equal to 2^10 or 1024 times the latter


Monday, August 15, 2011

Question 1209

What's the significance??

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Answer: The last sketch of Tintin which Herge drew, before his death, for his unfinished work "Tintin and the Alph-Art". The book was later completed and published posthumously.


Question 1208: Black, white and not asian

Identify both the actors and the movie.

Answer: Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. appearing in the movie Tropic Thunder.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Question 1207: Scare tactics

Put funda...

Answer: Haka is a traditional dance form of the South Pacific islander mostly known from the Māori of New Zealand through their rugby team display. It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Question 1206: Warn-a bro(thers)

In medieval India, when the Rajputs were fighting off Muslim invasion, Rani Karnawati, the widow of the King of Chittor, was in distress, as the Sultan of Gujarat (Bahadur Shah) launched an attack on Chittor. In order to save the city, she asked for help from Humayun and sent a “X” to him. Humayun, touched by the gesture, sent his troops to save Chittor. Time was short and they arrived late, and by then, Rani Karnawati and the women of Chittor had tragically commited Jauhar (mass suicide).What is "X"?

Identify X. Answer: Rakhi, the thread a girl ties to her brother as a symbol of the Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Question 1205: Hey, I was #1!!

  1. Kia Silverbrook : 4072
  2. Shunpei Yamamzaki : 2665
  3. ______ ______ : 1084
  4. Papa Lapstan : 1051
  5. George Albert Lyon : 993
  6. Leonard Forbes : 958
  7. ....(N many more!!!)
FIB. Which list? Answer: Thos list shows the most prolific inventors ever. 3rd is Thomas Alva Edison who holds 1084 patents.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Question 1204: Soapception

Easy One. ID The guys in the pic and also the show in which they are being featured.

Answer: Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby and Marshal Eriksen from How I Met Your Mother appearing in Family Guy.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Question 1203: You mad?

This guy here was a French mathematician. What mathematical entity is named after him?

Answer: Jules Antoine Lissajous, Lissajous figures.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Question 1202: Mix-a-lot

 Just put funda. No need to identify each element.

  1. footnote
  2. second footnote
  3. drug dose taken by an addict
  4. standing by an unchanging set of beliefs
  5. government birth and death records of a region
  6. an obstacle/ Latin for baggage
  7. harsh, noisy and undesirable sounds
  8. medicine branch which tackles old age
  9. unclean, likely cause of disease
  10. kingdom of microorganisms, some of which are responsible for diseases
  11. a firearm that loads another round mechanically after the first round has been fire
Answer: (Thanks VK for listing all the elements, I just copy-pasted :P) 1. Asterisk - Asterix 2. Obelisk - Obelix 3. Get A fix - Getafix 4. Dogmatic - Dogmatix 5. Vital Statistics - Vitalstatistix 6. Impediment - Impedimenta 7. Cacophony - Cacophonix 8. Geriatrics - Geriatrix 9. Unhygienic - Unhygienix 10. Bacteria - Bacteria 11. Fully automatic - Fulliautomatix All English words/ phrases that originated Asterix character names


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Question 1201: What a jerk-he-is


Answer: Different roles portrayed by Andy Serkis. Many of Serkis' most prominent roles, have involved him being the subject of motion capture to animate and voice a computer generated character.


Question 1200: Back to the future

Okay, 1200 questions!!!

A video one...

Identify the actor who's face is seen in the video talking. Also, what is so special about this scene?

Answer: Laurence Olivier, from the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Laurence Olivier featured as Dr. Totenkopf, the mysterious mad scientist and supervillain; Olivier had been deceased for nearly 13 years at the time of filming, and was depicted in the film via computer manipulation of video and audio from when he was a young actor.


Question 1199: Where there's The Will

What document is this? What have I blanked out? And why is the blanked out part known to us in a much wider sense now?

(Click for High Res image)

Answer: The United States' Declaration of Independance. John Hancock's signature is blanked out. His flamboyant signature occupied so much space, that it became for the other members to sign on it and hence "John Hancock" has become synonymous with a "signature".


Friday, August 5, 2011

Question 1198: In-sha-Allah!

(Click to enlarge)

Which site? Why was it formed?

Answer: Millatfacebook, a Muslim-oriented social networking website. It was launched in May 2010 in response to a controversial group on Facebook entitled Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everybody_Draw_Mohammed_Day


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Question 1197: Chatur ka chamatkar

In relation to recent happenings, put funda:

Answer: Slut Walk, or Besharmi Morcha as it is known in India. Wiki for more details.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Question 1196: Light my fire

Meme time!

What's blanked out?

Answer: Firefox


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Question 1195: Hump de dump

What's the connection?

Answer: The 1st pic is a poster of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Shows. 2nd pic is Ted Levine, the actor who played the serial killer nicknamed "Buffalo Bill" in the movie The Silence of the Lambs.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Question 1194: Stoned indeed

Bloodstone is a 1988 American adventure comedy movie directed by Dwight Little and written by Greek director Nico Mastorakis starring Brett Stimely, X(circled) and Anna Nicholas. The movie was filmed in south India, the story revolving around a mythical ruby called the Bloodstone. It is the only English film X has ever starred in.

Identify X.

Answer: Rajnikanth