Monday, September 3, 2012

Question 1444:Tyger,Tyger Burning Bright

Ok here we go..I start off posting again with this interesting analogy I found..

The first name X is an alternate form of the name Pink. Pink is a very rare first name among men, but its form X, not so much. X is apparently a latin variant for pink meaning noble or patrician.
The last name Y is considered to be the feminine equivalent of another name(say A).
So the first person is called XY and the second  is referred to as BA. Considering feminine to be gentler than masculine, pink is gentler than or a softer version of B. The same can be said of the two people as a whole. 
This is just one of the analogies that looks to give support to the theory that XY and BA are the same person, that has found huge support among fans.