Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Question 1463

Subject in question: La Gioconda/La Joconde
First at the scene: Louis Beroud
Initial Suspects: Guillaume Apollinaire, X(Implicated by Apollinaire)
Culprit: Y
Gimme X.

Answer: Pablo Picasso

3 Answers:

tejanpandya said...

La Gioconda/La Joconde would be Mona Lisa. But the existence of "suspects", and one being Apollinaire, leads me to think it is Duchamp's painting of a moustache on her (if I remember correctly). So Y would be Marcel Duchamp. No idea about X.

abhimanyu said...

pablo picasso....theft of mona lisa in question..

VK Handa said...

X-Pablo Picasso
Y-Vincenzo Peruggia